Halloween Decorations

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Ethnic Inspiration

Many fashion designers like to look to different cultures and traditions when it comes to designing clothing. This is because they are seen as different and exotic, as most of the things worn in these cultures is based on patterns and images that are not seen in our everyday life. When it comes to ethnic […]

Graphic ideas on Halloween 2009


There are abundant funny graphics on Halloween, such as homemade costume graphics, pumpkin graphics, outdoor Halloween Decoration graphics, Halloween Parade graphics, etc. You can take out the camera and capture the wonderful Halloween scenes. Hope you enjoy the fun on Halloween! Part 1: Fancy Costume & Cross-dresserPart 2: Pumpkin CraftsPart 3: Outdoor Halloween DecorationsPart 4: […]

Quartz Watch Maintenance Tips

1.Avoid strongly dashing. Though many watch are scratchproof today, we still should avoid sudden dash, so when doing exercises, it’s best to remove your watch. 2.Do not place your watch near magnetic items. Many watch’s parts are made from metal, although has antimagnetic devices, near magnetic objects still may make your watch out of order, […]

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